Video Production & Editing

Utilizing Video More

The technology is here and the demand is here. So what is holding you back? Video communication once set a company apart. The high cost of technology and time consuming process of production were major limiting factors to who could participate in utilizing this form of communications. Those times are currently changing. We all carry a video production studio around with us in our pockets. The question is, why are we not making full use of it? Apart from one-on-one meetings, video communication is the most effective way to connect with an audience. From showing product demonstrations to vlogging, video communicates a ton of information with minimal effort for the audience. Do not neglect this growing form of communication. With the increase of accessibility also comes the increase of audience expectation. Contact me today to schedule a consultation.

Video Coaching

I offer consultation and support for people wanting to get more hands on and do it themselves. This can be identifying the right kind of equipment and strategies for communicating with video. Creating a plan of action that can lead to a stream of content development.

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Video Editing

One of the bottlenecks in production is the post processing and editing. I offer drop and post video services. You drop your video assets into a google drive and I utilize a pre-determined style to quickly edit and publish your videos. If you want a professional look and consistant branding, but without the cost and time limitations of purchasing and learning professional video software.

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Full Production

From script writing, story boarding, on location directing and shooting. I can help take your video production to a whole new level. This is typically used for the creation of video assets for marketing, such as commercials or welcome video content for your website that tends to have a very long shelf life.

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Oklahoma 77 Project

A pet project of mine that has the goal of creating short video documentaries featuring content from every corner of the state of Oklahoma. This project is a continually growing and not fully defined dream to create content that carries a legacy helping to highlight the culturally significant places as well as develop a healthy awareness and pride of what it means to be an Oklahoman.