Professional Services

Design Services

Print & Cross Media

Consistency is more important then high end graphics and snazzy design. No matter your size, you should attempt to present a consistent message and look your audience can associate you with. Following and developing design guidelines is key to consistent messaging across print and screen. From responsive web design, package and signage to video editing. I can help you with all graphic design projects.

Logo & Branding

Is your brand all over the place? Many growing companies suffer from brand entropy. Every person or vendor who touches the brand does something with it. Different platforms require different treatments and a good brand works great in both full color and embroidered onto fabric in one color. These challenges are best met early as the effectiveness of a brand is only built on repetition. So give me a call and take charge of your identity today.

Web Development

Full Websites

A successful website in 2019 is 90% writing and project management and 10% nerdy talk and coding. If you are needing to redo your website or build a new website, this is what I have been doing full time for over a decade. The technology is always changing and design fads come and go, but the true success behind any website is the driving forces and strategy to pull all the content together in a manner that is informative and draws users to desired actions. Contact me today for a free quote.

Custom Plugins

Nine times out of ten, there is a proper tool out there for your project, but occasionally, the exact needs of the client are specific enough that the best option is full custom development. Nothing is impossible, but not everything is affordable. My goal with custom project is to mitigate client risk in long term support and security. I target solutions to have the highest amount of open source community support and the least amount of custom code that would require long term support. Heavily using the built in hooks and practicals in WordPress to ensure long term ease of updates and security fixes.

Website Repair

One of the down sides to utilizing open sources systems is that, although free to use, they do not come with much personal support. My goal is to provide expert detailed support and training to not just fix errors but limit risk of them in the future. Your internet presence has become a core part of your business. If you website is experiencing errors or bugs that are causing you frustration, contact me for paid support.

Internet Marketing


Social Media Coaching

Social media is a game changer for many markets. It enables users to invest time and effort in lieu of cash advertising to reach communities and individuals online. These systems like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter all have specific benefits and drawbacks. How you market on social media is very much related to your target audience and resources available. It is important to be strategic an ensure that your achieving your desired goals by using these platforms. I can help you develop a content plan including shareable materials and user interaction strategies.

Advertising Management

The number one way to improve natural ranking and access to large audiences through search or social media platforms is through direct advertising. We can work together to create campaigns with traceable metrics and benchmarks that call users to specific action. Whether you are just in need of training on managing these campaigns yourself or if you need someone to take the reigns and fully manage your advertising spending and strategy, I can get you where you need to be.

Consulting Services

SEO Education

A lot of companies will try to sell you a magic bullet for Search Engine Optimization. The truth is that many systems like WordPress with a standard plugin for SEO will get you 90% of where you need to be. SEO is mostly about meeting standards so that the robots that run the internet indexing can try to predict a connection between the user searching and the content you provide.  If you need help or have concerns about SEO and your sites ranking, let me do an evaluation and give you some tips on how to improve.

WordPress Training & Support

I have a proven system for training and supporting users on the WordPress platform that enables me to support many clients and provide premium one-on-one service. My goal is user empowerment. To get users equipped and confident with their system. To ensure reliability and stability of their platform. You decide how much you want to learn and manage on your own. My greatest benchmark of achievement is when I rarely hear from my clients because they have become self sufficient.

Strategic Marketing Plan

Do you need someone to be a part of your team? Someone you can bring into brainstorming sessions and help you develop marketing goals and determine target audiences. I want to partner with you as a part of your team. My biggest regret is being brought into a project to late to effect the appropriate change to give it the highest possibility of success. So if you see some projects on the horizon that could use solid planning, contact me and put me on your team.

“I find content in everyday life, and I bring life to everyday content.” – NXiL