Feeling overwhelmed with responsibility?

Have you noticed how technology and the digital age has not only put more power into the hands of individuals but it has also added a great deal of responsibility to the average person as well. As communication technology has increased over time, so has your required list of abilities and knowledge. So how do you avoid being overwhelmed with it all? By building a great support team. That’s what I am here for. I want to partner with you as a part of your support team to help you shine in all things related to communications and design.

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Subscription Based Support

Monthly subscription payments based on the number of hours projected to be used on a monthly or annual basis.

Prepaid Support Hours

Labor hours at discounted rates when purchased before the start of a project.


Project Budgets

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Thank You For Two Years!

Thank You For Two Years!

It's been two years since I took over the business and officially started NXiL MEDiA. I am so grateful for my clients and new customers who have stuck with me over the years and made this business possible. I love being a part of your lives and diving deep into your...

Cash in on your friends

Cash in on your friends

I have done several marketing efforts in the past. Everything from developing conferences and workshops to traditional postcards and social media campaigns. But the driving force that has always carried business has been word of mouth recommendations. So as I look at...