Artificial Intelligence

The world is moving in a strange direction.

Let's be real with eachother. This is as terrifying as it is exciting. The ability for computers to learn and adapt has reached a pivital moment. We are well beyond Allen Turings test of Artificial Intelligence at this point. It's not a question of "are they capable" of doing what humans do. The question we now face is, what do we do?

It is important to remember that what makes these bots so impresive is that they learned by watchin us. They read what we write and they get good at writing like the best of us. But thier creativity is limited by what we put into it. With that in mind, I have access to these bots for the purpose of helping my clients get the most out of modern technology. I expect this will make my time more effective and provide better tools for quick development of marketing & SEO related content.

Artificial Inteligence
Quick Content Development

Everyone wishes they had a full time writer on staff, but few can afford to support that. Now you can. AI language model systems are working better than ever at writing human like conent with fluid thought and expression. With the right prompt, you can jump start your content with AI crafted content.

AI Art Generation

Have you ever needed the perfect illustration for your blog post, but you don't want to over use the same old stock photos? AI can paint a work of art based on a prompt that can give you almost exactly what you are looking for. And it will only get better over time.

What can this look like?

Check out a website I manage completely composed of AI content. For transparency, I have not edited the articles. I simply prompted the AI with a general topic or specific question and it returns an article. Some topics are even created at random from the AI.

Check it out.