How To Get Started

Step 1 : Get A Quote

Like all good things in life, it starts with a conversation. A quick consultation is free and we will establish goals, timeline, and a proposed budget. All projects are quoted in a timeframe of hours, based on a pre-purchased hourly rate. The most important part of this call will be to confirm that we both have a good perspective on the project and we agree on some expectations for timeline and goals. This call is usually less than 30 minutes, but if you are a new client we may review some basic elements of your project to make sure you haven’t overlooked something important leading to this project. Things like domain ownership, propper hosting arrangements and authority and control over your domain records are things we will likely discuss.

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Ready To Purchase Time?

If you already have a budget, you can click the button below to purchase the number of hours needed for your project.

Still Have Quetsions?

Great customer service starts with clear expectations. I always want to make sure we start off on the same page and ready to move forward with confidence and clarity. Contact me to schedule a preliminary consultation.