I have done several marketing efforts in the past. Everything from developing conferences and workshops to traditional postcards and social media campaigns. But the driving force that has always carried business has been word of mouth recommendations. So as I look at different approaches for investing in marketing the business, I thought the first approach should be to pursue what has worked best in the past, but a bit more intentional. So I am proposing a way for current clients to earn labor hours through referrals. So the next time one of your friends or industry peers has an obvious struggle with their marketing or online presence. Anything from errors on their website to struggling to get their logo used consistently. You can visit https://nxilmedia.com/referral/ and tell me about them and their issue.

It’s not exactly Shrewt Bucks, but close.

Then tell your friend about me and encourage them to reach out. If your referral ends up purchasing 3 hours or more of labor time, your account receives a 1 hour credit of labor time. Credits last for up to a year, so if you are able to connect a few friends in need with quality premium support through NXiL MEDiA, then you could bank some hours for your own personal use throughout the course of a year. Not to mention how much your friends will appreciate being connected with a great resource for problem solving in communications.