The Friday Show

We live in an interesting world. The technology at our fingertips has made it just as easy to communicate through video as it is to write. For some, communicating on video is intimidating. Although the younger generation was raised with cameras everywhere. For some of them it is more reasonable to record and edit a video then to write a 500 word essay. Besides being readily available and easy to produce, video does something else that other mediums can’t do as well. Video communicates with a specificity that written word or even graphic communication cannot. Combining body language, facial expression, and sound expressions that escape written word, video communication builds more relational connections that are core to the human experience.

I will be hosting a live interactive video stream every Friday morning. The goal of the Friday Show is to provide clients an opportunity to receive continued learning opportunities and offer free coaching and consulting for those who take the time to join the live stream.To being with the live stream will be best accessed through subscribing to the YouTube Channel.

I would love for the content to be dictated by clients and live viewers through video comments and live interactions, but to get the ball rolling, if you have a question or topic you would like covered, you can use the form below. And be sure to join me at 10:30 AM CST live on YouTube. Archive videos will be left up on YouTube public for at least a couple weeks.